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Windows desktop sign in not working

For the past 5 days I have been unable to sign in to my Norton account using the desktop product. I tend to use this solely to sign in to Identity Safe but neither will accept my username/password. Yet I can sign in to Identity Safe at the web address. I have contacted customer support 4 or 5 times and each time they say 'give it another 12 hours as the engineers are trying to fix the servers.'

This sounds pretty serious. Is anyone else out there having the same problem? I Norton still selling it's product under these conditions and if so will it work when installed, and if so why can't they get mine to work now?

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Re: Windows desktop sign in not working

If you check this forum board, you will see many, many threads on this issue. Many have had problems since the middle of February.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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