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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows doesn't recognize Norton Antivirus that runs twice

Following the "LiveUpdate" I did today (Jan. 22), I have the following strange situation:

  • Norton Security seems to run ok, I can see the icon in the tray and things seem to respond as always;
  • Windows Defender now insists that I have no virus and firewall protection, and that I need to open Norton Internet Security;
  • Windows Defender also claims I'm using multiple antivirus programs;
  • The Windows Control Panel -- Security and Maintenance -- when I view the installed antivirus or firewall apps, in each I see "Norton Internet Security" twice, once "On" and once "Off" (see attached image);
  • The Task Manager displays 2 "Norton Security" processes, one with a "checked" icon that uses 0% cpu and another with "unchecked" icon that uses lots of cpu. Both command line columns run the NortonSecurity.exe image, but with different switches and options (see attached image).

Help... Am I protected? How do I solve this?

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Re: Windows doesn't recognize Norton Antivirus that runs twice

Try rebooting the machine.


Re: Windows doesn't recognize Norton Antivirus that runs twice

Hello Nitsan

There are supposed to be 2 Norton Security processes running in Task Manager, one listed as System and one listed as the name of user. That is normal and nothing to worry about.

Defender shows up as being off when Norton program is installed. When your Norton program is uninstalled or not working, then Defender comes to the rescue. The Service remains on when Norton product is installed.

You are protected. Do you see the Norton Icon with a Green checkmark on the bottom? That means that the program is working ok.

Have a Good Night and


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