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Windows Firewall

Talked to Norton support and he connected me to Microsoft..  They say I must have Windows Firewall and for $600.00 I can have "Lifetime" protection.. Felt like i WAS TALKING TO A "USED CAR SALESMAN"...    Can anyone please explain what Is going on...

linksys Router has firewall and I've been running "Security Premium" for years...     I'm confused



Re: Windows Firewall

Um, did you talk to Official Norton Support?
> Chat with Official Norton Support  --|-- Call Official Norton Support 

There are many different ways to get Official Norton support:
In order to make sure you are visiting the correct Norton support page, be sure to type in support.norton.com in the URL bar of your browser. You can use Norton Support: Live Chat, which is the fastest way to solve your issue. There is also the Norton Forums, you can also browse through a library of Top Solutions around common problems. Request help via Norton’s phone support.

Official Norton Support webpage is located at https://support.norton.com.
Official Norton Support is always free to current subscribers.


Re: Windows Firewall

Robert. The Microsoft bit was a scam, its highly doubtful ANY Norton support tech would send you to that as well. I seriously hope you didn't fall for the $600 bit. What is the actual issue you were having which prompted you to contact Norton support? We can help with that here.

When you install Norton on a Windows machine it will disable most features of the Windows security suite and manage the Norton firewall in its place. The Windows firewall on W10 service will remain enabled for Windows Update to properly function. Without a third party antivirus program Windows Security will manage the Windows system firewall in the absence of a third party software install taking its place.


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