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This forum thread needs a solution.

windows registry error

The tune up box has the exclamation point on it.

Message I get: The windows registry could be cleaned by deleting broken entries.

I click on fix now. The registry clean up screen comes up and norton begins to do this.

The clean up then ceases and I get an error. 

I click on view details and it says: Insufficient disk space to take system restore point.

Another fix now screen pops up and norton says it is fixing tune up.

I have a lot of disk space left. Can someone help me with this? 



Re: windows registry error

Um, you posted to the Norton Security Forum.  Norton Security does not have reg cleaner.   Maybe you run N360.  Maybe you have Norton Utilities.   In any case I'd urge not to use reg cleaner.  
Stay tuned.  Others will chime in...


Re: windows registry error

Hello 48white.Eric

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Which Norton product are you running? Once you respond with the answer, then we can have this thread moved to the proper Forum for better exposure. Thanks.

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Re: windows registry error


  Would you please upload the screen shot of the error message's window?


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