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This forum thread needs a solution.

Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

I am using Norton AV on Vista.

Since early this week, my Norton cannot start a scan, scheduled or otherwhise. I get an 3048.3 error code when it tries to run the scheduled scan, Norton Autofix cannot fix it.

The program updates itself fine, and manually too.

If I try to run a manual scan, the scan screen will hang up and wont close.

I want to try tthe removal and reinstallation tool, should I try running Power Eraser first?

The Windows Malidious Software Removal tool already ran this week with Windows updates, it didnt report any problems, and the problem started before the updates. So I dont want to use power Eraser if it isnt neccesary because I've read its aggressive.

ShouldI I run the Intelligent Updater before I try the Removal and Reinstall?

I've also tried all the usual restarting and updating routine.



Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

Hi, 40intrepid. I would try all the steps listed in this Norton KB article, except for running the Power Eraser.


As you say, it is a powerful tool which should only be used as a last resort.

If these steps don't work, by all means try the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool, which will replace your possibly corrupted install with a clean one.  http://www.norton.com/nrnr

If used, please read the Before you begin note and run Live Update after until no more are found, and then reboot.

Let us know how you go.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.


This error means that the product cannot find the latest threat protection definitions. This can be caused if the definitions are damaged.

Try these steps:

  • Clear the contents of "temp" and "%temp%."
  • Disable Tamper Protection.
  • Delete the contents of LiveUpdate folder located at the location given below.

    For Windows Vista/7: Go to "C:\ProgramData\Norton[ ID of the product]\Norton product version\Lue\Downloads."
  • Re-enable Tamper Protection and run LiveUpdate.
  • This should work for you...
  • Philip
DELL XPS 8900 / I7-6700 / 64bit / 16GB RAM Win7 Pro - Norton Security

Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

Hi Phillip,

Thanks for answering my request.

Could you give detailed instructions for deleting the contents of the update folder?

When I go to my c-drive, i can find Norton AV, and Norton installer files, nothing that says "downloads".

Should I delete one of these files?


Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

Hi 40intrepid,

I believe the path Philip provided is incorrect - in Win 7 the correct path for me is:


NSBU _22.0.0.110 is the latest version of the install of your Norton Program. 

Also just my 2¢, I would first try everything F4E suggested prior to going into your system and deleting folders/files.  I'm a firm believer in keeping it simple and riping out folders/files is not always simple.


Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

Ok, I tried the Intelligent Updater and no dice.

So now I will try the Removal and Reinstallation tool.


Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

So I ran the Removal and Reinstall tool, and now my Norton is back up and scanning again.

The initial scan took four hours and forty five minutes!

So I hope the Trusted Files thing makes future scans shorter.

Will it hurt to delete the Removal and Installation Tool from my downloads folder now?

Thanks for the help people!


Re: Wont scan, and 3048.3 error code.

Hi, 40intrepid. Yes, you can delete those files if you wish and all is working ok.

Subsequent scans should be quicker, as you don't need to rescan files that haven't changed.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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