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This forum thread needs a solution.

Alarm, my computer seems to be infected

What I was doing: trying to put a description and so in the form of the Wordpress images.  This to illustrate a post with some feedback on CryptoTab browser.  It's impossible in Chrome also.  IE I've still to install.

Can't chat at the moment.  My supscription is re installed for the second or the third time on this computer.  There is more or less a block on my desktop as long as the cryptobrowser is open although now I don't remember perfectly.



Re: Alarm, my computer seems to be infected

More precisely I tried to put my affiliate link in the form because their search program does do funny things.  There are links to your images in the search results if you don't fill it in.

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Re: Alarm, my computer seems to be infected

Hello Monique. The CryptoTab Browser you are using is a very HUGE red flag. The official website indicates the browser is a convenient way to crypto mine while using your browser which is not a good thing. Norton is more than likely blocking traffic due to the mining activity. Here are a few things we need from your end to see exactly what you are seeing.

- Screenshots of your issue: IE screenshot of anything Norton is blocking and/or your browser

Here is how to post a screenshot directly into your posts here.

- Your OS name, version and build / Your Norton product name and version on your system


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Re: Alarm, my computer seems to be infected

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