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Norton Password Manager claims my passwords are impaired

Dear Community,

i was just changing my passwords on several internet pages. When i triied to change my Passwort for one side, the Norton Passwortmanager pops up (iam not even logged in) and tells me that my passwort is impaired. When i open the "read more" the pop up told me, that my password is impaired. A passwort can be impaired when cybercriminals have passwordlists.

My Password was very individuelly constructed. I asked myself how did somebody get to that passwort? I why was that pop up? It s only because Norton wants me to use the Password Manager? Because when i one Page more type in the same password, the window didn t pop up!

Can somebody explain to me why is that?

I tried to use the Internetpage: battle.net

Please somebody who knows?

PS: Many thanks in advace

[Edit: Subject line clarified]



Re: Norton Password Manager claims my passwords are impaired

edit: I just triied to logg in again on the same net page. (battle.net) To access this page you need to verify with your Authenticator from Blizzard. can it be that "your password has been compromised" pop up has something to do with the Authenticator process? Because after i changed the password it did pop up again. And the other inet page that i was and i had the same Password the norton Password manager didn t pop up.

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