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I was born and raised in France, left on a J1 for the United States of America when I just turned 25, and basically never went back!

My home sweet home is Ireland where I have worked for airline companies for 15 years. And yes, I could travel the World! Some of my favorites visited countries:  China, India, Thailand, Mauritius, South Africa, Mexico, USA. And in Europe: Austria, Spain and Italy, Belgium was a great surprise, and Norway too. On my bucket list: South America, Malaysia and New Zealand. 

I am married to Paul, a Dubliner, and have one super powered bilingual child, Gabriel. He is as chatty in either French or English!

Symantec start date: November 2016 (Contractor since November 2015)

Work site: Dublin, Ireland

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Education: MSc in Business Strategy with Dublin City University

Hobbies: Cooking, novelty cakes, all sorts of DIY, upcycling, Lego constructions with my son (hoping to become Master Builder soon), drawing, cycling, walking, travelling and gardening.

Birthday: apparently 'on the most depressing day of the year', which varies depending on calendars and also places me sometimes as a Capricorn, and sometimes as an Aquarius.