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Does Identity Safe work with the Edge browser?

Can anyone here tell me if ID Safe works with the Edge browser. I went to extensions in Edge then clicked Get then searched for Norton ID Safe. Found the app but its doesn't let me download because the button is grayed out. What's Up Norton fam?


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Re: Does Identity Safe work with the Edge browser?

Hello scratchdoggie

Yes, there is a new ID Safe Extension for Edge. It is not yet available in the Microsoft Extension location. Please see this.



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Re: Does Identity Safe work with the Edge browser?

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I followed the link which took me to the Microsoft site and the Get the app button. I clicked on that button and got the windows store download popup with the Norton ID safe app; however, the button is still grayed out as it was before. You did say its not available yet but I also noticed the following note on the Norton page after clicking the link you provided. "The new Norton Identity Safe extension is available ONLY for Windows 10 Creators Update or higher."

Maybe I don't have that update yet as well.


Re: Does Identity Safe work with the Edge browser?

You would know it when you get the update.  It is over 3GB in size and takes about an hour to install.  Also when you go into Settings and choose  Display, notifications. power and then choose About you should see Version 1703.

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