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Norton Security with Backup 10 Licenses, Only Two are Allowed...?

I have Norton Security with Backups with 10 licenses provided. But I can only install on TWO DEVICES and any additional are DENIED....? Could this be addressed please, as I refuse to pay out more for Product I already Own...! You invite me to Install your Product on "Other Devices" with Download Page states..."Compatible with iOS, MacOS, PC and Android, but alas, it DOES NOT upon Attempts to Install,  it states..  "Not Compatible with this Operating System" on a PC, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone. What is the problem...? You mean I have to pay extra for Mobile Devices...although you state it is Compatible on These Devices...? Please clarify this...? And as well, on my Windows 10 Laptop, it seems you want me to Purchase Norton Security with Backup AGAIN for This Laptop..? I am really saddened by your Misleading Antics..>! Please respond Norton...!!



Re: Norton Security with Backup 10 Licenses, Only Two are Allowed...?

I posted a reply here in the Core forum board. If you are using the Core, you need to have renewed the Core Security Plus software. Not buying a Norton Security Premium subscription. If all your devices have been set up on the old Core subscription, you need to renew that.

If you have purchased the wrong product, you can contact Norton Support to get them to sort out which product you need.   www.norton.com/contactcs

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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