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Can't sign in to Vault

I have been using the vault to store my passwords for a long time but yesterday and today I haven't been able to open it.  Instead of asking me for my password only, it asks me for username and password (though it pre-fills the username) and when I input the password there is a delay or it might ask me to complete an anti-bot box with the numbers from a photo.  But the end result is that it returns me to the first sign in screen.  I've rebooted the PC a couple of times but no change.



Re: Can't sign in to Vault

Your operating system is?

Your Norton product and version is?

You default browser and version is?

Are you using a Local, Online or the Stand Alone Vault?

Have you recently upgraded your Norton product from an older version?

The more info the better we can assist.

Accepted Solution
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Re: Can't sign in to Vault

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: Can't sign in to Vault

Thanks very much.  That worked.

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