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Virtual Machines


This may be an old topic but here goes. I have two laptops one running VMWare the other running Hyper-V. Both have a number of Virtual Machines running on them that I use for software development. Both laptops have Norton Internet Security installed, but there is no virus protection on any of the VM's. I frequently transfer files from clients systems to my VM's and visa versa. I've found a virus on a USB stick and traced it back to a client. I'm just wondering if I should install Norton on all of my VM's or does the Norton installed on the laptops scan the virtual hard drives.




Re: Virtual Machines

This depends on how you transfer the files to the VMs. If you are in the VM when you transfer the files from a thumb drive or internet connection, they will not be scanned. The 'good news' is that any malware would be contained to the VM and would not affect the host system.

If you are transferring the files to the host system first, then Norton will scan them.

If you want protection while in the VMs then you do have to install Norton in them. Be aware that each install in the VM will count against your activation limit on your Norton Subscription.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Virtual Machines

Hyper-V does not support USB directly.  So when your copying or dropping folders into the VM, they are passing though the host system and being scanned by Norton.  You can test that by using the eicar test files on the flash drive.


I haven't used VMware in years but I would access the USB drive using the host system and either first copy everything to a desktop folder or setup a network shared folder on the VM to ensure everything passes through the host and not directly from flash drive to VM.

As for using the internet on the VM, if you set the VM to use NAT everything will also pass through the host and be scanned since your host network adapter is receiving everything before being handed off to the NAT.

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