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Action Centre in Windows 7 reports that Norton is switched off..!

I am using Norton Internet Security which is currently turned on, however the Action Centre seems to think that both the Antivirus and the Firewall are turned off..

Does anyone have an explanation for this and what to do about the Action Centre reports?


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Re: Action Centre in Windows 7 reports that Norton is switched off..!


This is the reason why patch 22.7 has been pulled. There are a lot of customers reporting this issue.

Here is Sunil's post about the pulling of 22.7

Sunil_GA Admin


Re: action center saying Norton is not running after the update

Posted: 17-Jun-2016 | 8:24PM • Permalink new


Customers who have already received the Norton 22.7 update do NOT need to uninstall and reinstall the previous version. Symantec is working on a fix to be released shortly to address the issue where "Windows Action Center incorrectly reports the Norton Security status." This issue does not impact the security of the pc as long as the Norton product reports its features are enabled.



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