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file insight and the problems that it poses I NEED HELP.

Where to start all the headaches I have had as of late originate with Norton's file insight.  If there isn't the well should be a setting to solve my problem.  Every time I download a zip file no matter the contents I get the same hassle. File insight removes the file I just wasted my data usage with on the basis that the country of origin for the file isn't trusted and removes the file. sometimes it doesn't give me the ability to quarantine the file it just removes it. Is there a setting where I can make the file insight stop scanning the origin country of files, and scan it for threats not removing it on the basis that it originated in any other country besides the US? That seems to be the only one that is excluded and that is not always the case either I have had US files deleted based or country of origin as well. I know that the files are safe, and have for a lot of cases have had the same file backs up in one of my storage drives for years and still get the same hassle.  So please let me know how to stop Norton's 360 from wasting more of my time than should be allowed by law, or do I just need to turn Norton's off permanently. It is beginning to seem to me that Norton’s uses just as many resources as a virus I know that Norton’s and Microsoft own my PC but it would nice to have a little control over my system seeing as that I paid for it.



Re: file insight and the problems that it poses I NEED HELP.

Hello jonathanOK81

First create a download folder. Then turn off download insight for a short time and remember to turn it back on when finished with the download. Have the download go into that folder. Put that folder into Settings>Antivirus>Scans and Risks>Exclusions and Low Risks>put folder into configure Items to Exclude from Scans and also the line below that one.>Apply on the bottom of that page.

Turn on Download Insight. Be sure that the downloads are safe since they won't be scanned. You can try sending them to Virus Total to have the downloads checked out by them. If clean, then submit to Symantec for Analysis for False Positive.

To report a false positive, please use this link



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