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This forum thread needs a solution.


When I open internet explorer, everything is in Chinese.  My daughter downloaded something & I got hijacked.  I have run Norton, Malware Bytes.  MB found it & I clicked remove, but it's still there.  Any idea how to get rid of it?



Re: QQMTencentNews.exe

Hello there,

To fix your IE, try resetting your IE yourself.

Method 1: restore the "Home page" setting manually: hit the gear icon > General > choose "Use default or, "Use new tab" > close all open browsers > run CCleaner to erase temporary files > reopen IE to see if your IE's homepage has been restored.

If this does not work, try Method 2 below.

Method 2: hit the gear icon > Advanced > launch the Reset... option at the bottom of Internet Options > follow the on-screen info to complete the reset procedure.

If your IE or browser hijacking persists, you had better contact Norton Support here and/or get the most out of Norton Virus Protection Promise here, so that you can clean remained foistware even threats in no time.

And to protect your computer from potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), plz bear in mind that:

Part 1: To avoid greyware/riskware even malware, try the below steps

1. Scan your download via the latest Norton product.

2. Slow down your mouse when installing any other 3rd-party software. Beware of those optional yet stubborn junkware. Uncheck those unneeded installation options. Because test shows that QQ too bundled extra offer IObit's ASC.

Well, somehow, I successfully reproduced your issue "QQ... downloaded something & I got hijacked" when using soft32 dot com.

3. Get and run Revo Uninstaller time to time, so that you can get rid of aforesaid PUPs effectively.

When it comes QQMTencentNews.exe, have you encountered any pop-ups in the bottom right corner of your desktop? Well, I have attached two samples:

Just to confirm, plz head to the programs list under Control Panel, remove any QQ (e.g., QQ International, Tencent QQ, etc.) and/or unused/undesired items via Revo.

Personally, a clean uninstallation of QQ would remove the said QQMTencentNews.exe and keep your desktop pop-up free.

Part 2: Backup:

1. Before you back up your system, please perform the following steps in this comment.

2. Consider using Norton Security with Backup, or Norton Online Backup. You may also choose one of these freebies that works for you. Meantime, avoid using those risky services (e.g., MyPC Backup and its variations, MegaBackup, etc.)

Last but not least, please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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Re: QQMTencentNews.exe

Thanks for the reply.  There are no QQ programs in my add/remove list, so that's a bust!   Tried resetting IE, still got it.  I think I'll go to that support link you provided & see if they can help.


Re: QQMTencentNews.exe

Hello Tonto

Please register for one of these Free Removal Sites. An expert will work with you until your computer is clean.

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users who unfortunately has passed away. That site is still being run by a good expert who happens to be one of the other Gurus.  The new site is listed first in this link.




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