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This forum thread needs a solution.

ID Safe Extension Bogs browser

I posted this on a windows forum when I thought the issue was related to Edge,

however I have since tried with firefox and chrome and all do the same thing! its choking my internet speed/bandwidth or something!! 

I use a password manager extension for Norton ID safe,,, it was fine for a long time but then one day something went funky and now whenever I have extensions enabled (not even logged in to the ID safe extension) my browser gets slow, when I type to search for instance at yahoo sometimes I can type a full sentence and it takes a minute or so after I type for the text to show up, cutting and pasting is sketchy as well but the worst is "fly outs" like on Facebook when I click newsfeed I sometimes have to wait up to a minute for the fly out with "most recent" and "top stories" to show up same with on amazon ad's when I hoover over pictures its like I have to wait for the full page to download before I can hoover over and see the enlarged images.
I have fully cleaned my cache multiple times, uninstalled the extension and reinstalled and just about everything else I can think of including having my email changed on my extension password manager account.
I have looked for posts about this issue here and on the forums for Norton ID safe and no one else seems to have this problem!
If I go into edge browser settings and disable extensions then things seem to be fine but when enabled (not even logged in to the ID safe extension) it drags my browser like I'm on an old 56k connection!!
I'm at a loss does anyone have any ideas what the slow down could be? seems like bandwidth issue but all my speed tests check out fine,,, and I know I could just not use the extension at all but I need it so I have to,,, its just twice as much work to disable it, then enable it when I need it and log in and so on and so on...
No one seems to be posting about this on the Norton id safe forums so i'm guessing I'm the only lagger lol.
Could it be something to do with Sync settings??
Any help would be much appreciated!!
Also ive followed a few tuts like this How to Make Edge fast and fix slow problem in Windows 10 to try and solve the problem and still no luck




Re: ID Safe Extension Bogs browser

Wow I cant believe I am the only person with this issue! amazing! great support from Norton as well! sheesh! 

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