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This forum thread needs a solution.
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What exactly determines a 'Caution' and 'Warning' site?


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Re: What exactly determines a 'Caution' and 'Warning' site?

Hello meerkat321

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

I will ask the Safe Web Team what determines a caution and warning site.

I would say that a caution site would have problems with it, but they wouldn't harm anyone's computer. A warning site would have problems that could cause problems for other people's computers. However, I'm not officially a member of the Safe Web Team or a Symantec Employee.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Sunday night after midnight EDT.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: What exactly determines a 'Caution' and 'Warning' site?

A website given a "Warning" designation is one that warrants a page block because the website has been determined to be dangerous to visit.  A "Caution" rating does not entail a block because there is less chance that visiting the site will cause harm.  Blocking traffic to a website is a pretty serious thing - it can have extremely adverse affects for the website owner; as well as site users, and so is only done when there is clearly a danger posed by visiting the site.   A "Caution" alerts users to potential problems without disrupting visits to the website when the threat is not significantly high.  To rise to the level of a "Warning," a website must be dangerous enough to outweigh the harm and inconvenience that can be caused by completely blocking users' access to the website.

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Re: What exactly determines a 'Caution' and 'Warning' site?

Would this happen to be you on Safe Web?: https://safeweb.norton.com/profile/meerkat321 Anyway, here is a DIRECT explanation from Safe Web:

Seems moronic to me.  If a gosh darn site HAS a "drive-by download" present, it SHOULD be deemed RED.  Gotta' love that Safe Web logic.  Thanks for playing, but, better luck, next time.


Sometimes, you can't trust Safe Web for nothing.  That said, in my purview, i will rate a site with the 3-bar caution (what they classify as suspicious or annoying) possibly for a Website that has navigational annoyances, perhaps a spammer OR questionable surrounding intelligence.  I will sink the rating lower based on if my test system has sustained an outright attack, attack logged in the Norton Security logs OR if my MBAM program has provided a warning.

Hoping that this answers it,


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