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How to confirm that there is no vault in my account in cloud

I do not want my important usernames and passwords to be saved. I am doubtful that there may be possibilities for the existence of such  a vault, because I have earlier given permission for opening a vault of Norton Password Manager in the assumption that my Username and password will be saved in the vault only after getting my permission in each and every web site. But when I opened a web site I found the Norton icon near the Username and password and a pop up asked whether to auto fill the username and password. My question is how it is possible to autofill before saving. That implies that my username and password were already saved and will be saved automatically. I assumed that it will not seek my permission in each and every case. So I deleted the icon of Norton Password Manager. However I am not sure that a vault in my account does not exist in the cloud. Hence the question that is how to confirm that there is no vault in my account in cloud that such vault may contain details of password etc. which may be misused by somebody.  



Re: How to confirm that there is no vault in my account in cloud

If you want to to verify if you have an online vault, go to    https://my.norton.com/extspa/idsafe   and try to sign in. Enter your Norton Account email and password, then if you have a vault, you will be asked for a vault password. If you do not have a vault you will see an option to create one.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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