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Norton Security with Backup got uninstalled without my action

Hi there,

I have noticed last night that Norton wasn't present on my computer although I haven't uninstalled it myself and no-one else has direct access to the computer except myself.

I was unable to install it back via classic downloader, but the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool helped in the end.

When I checked when was last backup of my files it showed me that it happened 10 days ago, which would suggest that I was 10 days without protection as Norton was uninstalled for some reason.

How and what can uninstall antivirus software without my doing? I would like to avoid this happening in the future.

I am using the latest Windows 10 with iObit Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner, but they are not allowed to temper with the antivirus.

Kind regards,




Re: Norton Security with Backup got uninstalled without my action

Hello Malth. There are several suggestions coming to mind, the first being on Windows 10 and having "fast startup" enabled. When software updates this setting being enabled sometimes prevents a 100% completion of the software installation and can/does cause corruption. Here is how to disable that feature. Please ensure you reboot.

The other issues with Windows 10 is having software that defrags/cleans the system registry. IObit and CCleaner BOTH perform those functions. They are essentially overkill and working against one another, as well as, working against the performance enhancements already built into Windows 10. One or both these are the most likely culprit. You do not need these software packages since Windows 10 already does a nice job of maintaining a healthy system on its own.


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