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How to I turn off Full System Scan that runs as a background task.

One of the biggest annoyances that keeps my customers, and myself, from running Norton Security products over other AV solutions, is Symantec's insistence of forcing Full System background scans upon them without any notification, or option to reschedule for another time.   

I understand the need to run full scans occasionally, but I would think that a software company like Symantec could figure out how to pop up a notification that gives the OWNER of the computer a warning that the scan needs to run, and give the option to reschedule the scan for another time; even it it is just an option to delay for a few hours.   

Yes you can go into Settings >> Administrative Settings >> Background Tasks  >> Configure and stop the scan for a short period one you realize that Norton is the the problem with your computer's performance, but I think Symantec can do better, because its competition does. 

FYI   Before I replaced Norton on my own computer, it took 15 hours for Norton's Full System Background Scan compete its scan of two 1 TB SATA 7,200 rpm HDD's on a quad core i7 with 32GB of DDR4, and both drives had roughly 60% of the drive space free. 


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Re: How to I turn off Full System Scan that runs as a background task.

Try setting the Scan settings from Settings - Antivirus - Scans and Risks. Click Configure beside Full System Scan. Then you can choose the settings for a convenient time. You can also check the option to only run at idle time at the bottom left. Just be sure the systems are left turned on and allowed to go into idle around the time you set for the scheduled scan.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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