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Storage space full despite purge and delete

I am confused about my online backup space and why it is nearly full.

When I got a message to buy more backup space I bought another 5GB for $50 and thought that would be problem solved.

But when I go to online backup it says there is 49.84GB used of 59GB.

I noted that there are 6 backup sets, and I am only able to purge one of them. When I did this there was still about 50GB used.

So I deleted the other backup sets from my computer using the Norton Backup Drive system folder. But again no effect on the online storage capacity.

I reduced the the size of my backup considerably from within Manage Norton Backup Sets after deleting backed up files: still about 50GB used.

Can someone Please help me delete everything from my account so I can start backing up again from my desktop and laptop.

It seems a lot of money wasted if the thing doesn't work properly.




Accepted Solution

Re: Storage space full despite purge and delete

sonyuser -

Please PM me your Norton Account email address adn I'll make sure that your account information is accurate.

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