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Something went wrong message when doing a restore or download specific file

Hi my computer hard drive crashed.  I replaced my hard drive with a new one.  i went to restore from norton online back up and it started but after 10 hours it failed.  i called for help and they told me the same thing and said it would take time.  after about 10 hours it failed again.  this was monday/tuesday.  i run a business and the info on the backup is crucial for today.  I then tried to download the one file that i need urgently and got the following message

Something went wrong

Norton Online Backup  is sorry something went wrong and will look at it right away.

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also it says that the computer is not online.  Please help.  I looked at the forums and chats and it mention a little bit ago that everything was fixed.  So i turned off computer and restarted it and still got the same message.  I spent 2 hours on phone with support and they couldnt figure it out and said server was down, which seems odd to me, and would give me a call back in 48 hours??

Is thier anyway to physically pull the file and send it me.

Please help.  thanks




Re: Something went wrong message when doing a restore or download specific file

I have the same issue, only they lied to me about some maintance, I have three PC-s two of which are offline but are the same physical HDD.  My current backs up just fine so I know better. Currently on the phone with them.  Originally I had submitted a form to get my data in return, but got nothing back.  If your looking to actually call them and want the data back call: [removed] use the 5th option.  If you have a case number use it.

Edit:  Got off the phone found out that the server detached the profiles to PCs.  Mike said they are a small group of techs.  So calling will help.  You dont have to ask for a supervisor.  these guys are helpful and know their **bleep**.  They told me that this issue was seen before, so if this could be marked as sloved that would be awesome.

[edit: removed phone number per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]


Re: Something went wrong message when doing a restore or download specific file

Hello Comicbookrelief I am sure that I fixed this for you already if this is the case can you please reply to the tread as fixed so we know that no more responces are needed


Michael: Technical Account Manager NAM

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