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End of Local Vault?

Just read this announcment about Norton new products.


In the past when a new version of NIS was released we can upgrade to the new version maintaining our current Local Vault. It looks like the new Norton Security is a new and different product and we won't be able to "upgrade" to it from NIS but it would be a new install. I believe that Norton will support old versions for 36 Months but after that we will have to move on to Norton Security and there by loose our Local vault.




Re: End of Local Vault?

Hi Phoneman,

Those versions are in Public Beta at present - Krusty13 mentioned when the Beta for the new product first came out that he installed it over the top of N 360 and retained the Local Vault.  I would guess the same think would have happened if he had been on NIS - but who knows how long this capabiity will continue to exsist??

Just my 2¢!

<edit> Announcement does state:

Support will continue to be available for all customers with active subscriptions to Norton products as described in the Norton Support Policy.

Of course I guess that Support Policy may also change as it doees not state Norton Support Policy dated:  XX/XX/XXXX

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