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Please change my ID Safe from Trial Version - It is not

Hi all

The other day I was able to find my ID Safe in my account and it was labeled "Trial Version." However, now I cannot find the place on my account that says my ID safe is a trial version.  I got a call from support that treated me like a raw beginner and tried to explain to me that I had not had ID safe for YEARS. I have had Norton of some type since there began to be stringent password rules. REALLY.  Shame on me for not changing it before - I thought it was a lovely irony. This person would not listen to me and I finally lost my temper and told her to shove it and hung up. I don't have time right now to handle non issues. Anyone of you gurus out there, can you go into my account and change the label from trial to not trial. I try to have patience with your support people but I really don't like to be patronized. The first support person actually told me that ID safe did not come with the Core. It turns out it does. Maybe someone needs to go out there and train these people. When the Core first came out, I had to call for one of the managers to ask that he send up the chain the ridiculousness of only being able to connect a printer by USB. That apparently bore fruit.

Anyway, I just had a thought. I have had ID Safe in Norton 360 on many computers since 360 came on the market. I was an early adopter of the Core. Perhaps that has something to do with the label "Trial Version."

I am sure that you can adjust this in my account without logging into any of my home computers.



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Re: Please change my ID Safe from Trial Version - It is not

Hello annebreene

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

I'm sorry, but Gurus are not allowed to access customers accounts, only their own account. Gurus are customers just like you are. The only ones who can access your Account is Customer Support. They are the only ones who can make adjustments.

Are you sure you were in contact with Norton Support?


Do you currently have a Core Router?

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