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NIS Settings page insists that the extension is disabled in Firefox...

On Firefox, I have operated with Norton Identity Safe and Norton Toolbar for at least two years.  Firefox and Identity Safe seem to be friends...
For several months, the Settings page on my Norton Identity Safe has declared this...
Mozilla Firefox (default browser): Extension disabled;
Open extension settings (Browser restart may be needed)

But why, then, has Firefox been calmly using my Identity Safe vault data to fill in ID's and passwords?  What part of "Extension disabled" do I not understand?

If I have picked up some other phantom app which also uses the ID/pw data that I have filled into the IDSafe Vault, then please tell me about it.




Re: NIS Settings page insists that the extension is disabled in Firefox...

Hi jesimikens,

I have heard of this situation in the past and do not remember what (if anything finally corrected it).

I'm sure you have tried to log out of and back into FF to see if that changed anything (after a restart of ID Safe).

Only other thing I can think of is to change the default browser to another browser and then change it back to FF and see if it changes on the Settings > General Page of ID safe.

Sorry I wasn't more help.

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