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MyCokeRewards threat

When I log into www.mycokerewards.com using Internet Explorer 11 a pop-up bar at the bottom that asks if I want to save or run a file named ttj.js from ib.admxs.com. Research indicates that this is a Trojan virus that, once installed, downloads & installs malware to your computer. You can hit Cancel, but it keeps popping up as long as you're on the web site. I have contacted MyCokeRewards several times, but they don't appear to be taking it seriously. In fact, after carefully describing the virus and how in has to be embedded on their web site, they refuse to believe it. I am just trying to warn people not to click on the pop-up to save or install.

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Re: MyCokeRewards threat

you can try blocking cookies from ib.admxs.com / admxs.com
or, add ib.admxs.com / admxs.com to restricted zone

override automatic cookie handling and block third party cookies
turn on pop-up blocker

VirusTotal report ib.admxs.com <here>

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