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Thanks norton

Hi Norton team I must tell you i am very happy because you help me too much . First i see norton not are compatible whith edge. Only know a product  compatible whith edge but that is not important. I really want to thank you for your quality softwre who lets me play and take care my computer. I must tell you your line software is a master pice. Every day more quick but always agresive againts malware and always you spport your software and answer very quick in the support. You make me a favor for my economic i catch in discount and you offer me a second discount. I plain be a long term user. Previously i use kaspersky and it dont work well i read their especifications and see have very liitations on windows 10 you give a every system good product i must say thank you and i dont know how to express my admiration for a company who compromises whith the users security.

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Re: Thanks norton

I agree with you! As another user of Norton products, I always have admiration of symantec and all their products. High quality and superb virus and malware blocking over many years I've used them. I've always been able to trust Norton products and well worth the money. Keep up the great work Symantec, your products are at the top, and really set the mark for others to strive for. Thank you for many years of safe computing and online accessing. Firewall as well is Top-Notch!

DELL XPS 8900 / I7-6700 / 64bit / 16GB RAM Win7 Pro - Norton Security

Re: Thanks norton

I must tell i am not specialist in thechnology .But i am curious i read every product especufications . Some are wonderful . Double engenie. Scan before boot. Resque disc or linux embebed. Firewalls deny as default. Behavioral shields . Cloud scans. Perfect combinations and chat support. I have some experiences and i want to tell you i dont mention again the product names to dont broke the forum policy ProductApaid product 700or800 pesos in the main page says compatible whith windows 10 but hidden and in help guide says 21423 features dont work. Product B i won a paid licence . Valued on 400pesos.Sandbox dont work on windows 10 nobody do nothing "they dont cobsiderate necesary" i only use that product for the sandbox Product C default deny paid version virus free guarantee 100 pesos I only ask for configure product and theyput my machine on permanent safe mode. Formated. product D paid 300pesos scan ALL files include clean computer crash. Product F The award winning in av test 6moth free trial computer erratic no stop viruses on the fly only on scan linux embebed crash boot and bios config Product G good product bd engenie and agnitum fw chat aupport 238 pesos yearly . The chat support cames paid 2000 pesos virus removal 300 pesos install its a joke. Product H double motor bd and other supreme behavioral ahield . I found a security hole in their site and reward me whith 7 years licence . But the product depends fot unofficial hotfix from ms a beta hotfix i ask in the forum for hotfix because ms servers are down nobody answer and banned me i use on windows 10 clean install and quarintine sys files imposible restore or ask for help i give the licence to one friend Only 2 are comparable whith symantec for me i say their names Qihoo G Data The support are fast but symantec win. I think symantec not only have a superior tecnology to mantain virus free and perfomance . Sonar Heuristic and Boot protection saves me from a virus who stole info and upload to unknow dns .I never have that virus but i work in social research center inagine how it affects my mates the labors stops for one week but i can continue my work thanks to symantec. They help me to co figure whitout erratic clicks . They help me whith minor or mayor issues answer me the cuestions and dobt hestiate to conec to my pc to show me how product work. A few moths ago i purchase symantec whith 50% discount in 200 pesos i say the next moth i need the money because a economic trouble they returms me 100 pesos but i ask for a full refound and next day i have my money . Now i have the money and they givwme a new suscription for 100 pesos if they ask me 400 or 800 i agree the product are wirth in money value. In symantec they say the only thing they want are protect my pc and they do gain my confianza and faith i trust in that large and historic company. I can no ask for more only want to like remember the names of support guys to say thank you . Some others sys my pc are pice of trash a Quad core pentium 3ghz 8 ram ssdl 1333 i dont think it trash Symantec takes time to know me ask me for my games Xd Finally in the research center where i work they giveme a suspicious installer it are very heavy and no one accept analize in laboratory symantec sends me their personal ftp ans now are abalizing Really i dont need av comparative or ibdependent tech . Symantec haves the tecbology knowldemwnt and humanity to help us . I am not fan boy please never changue

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