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anti-malware migration wakes computer

my computer wakes itself up every 30 mins

did last wake command, says antimalware migration is the issue.

went to task scheduler, tried disabling it, tried changing frequency, tried changing triggers.

after a day or two, the task resets itself to default triggers and frequency.

nothing in norton settings to change it.

tried all the solutions i could find online, with no success.

how can i fix this? i dont want my computer waking itself up, unless i physically wake it myself.



Re: anti-malware migration wakes computer

Last update: 23-December-2015 - added Hot Issue regarding Remediation problems
HOT ISSUES - these issues continue to exist, and our engineering team is working to resolve them in a future update
3) Remediation Task wakes the computer from sleep mode at regular intervals. Forum Link 1, 2



Re: anti-malware migration wakes computer

A little about my computer. I am running Windows 7 like a lot of you on here with Norton Security and I have turned off the wake up feature numerous times now.

I have found that even after unchecking the trigger for "Wake the computer to run this task" under conditions in the program settings that after I shut down my computer and restart the next day Norton re-establishes the check mark and my computer will begin waking itself up again.

So today I have changed the Trigger to "At Startup", this does not include a wake up feature or a run every 30 minutes command. I still unchecked the Wake up feature under Conditions just in case.

I hope this helps and let's see if this will finally fix the problem that Norton's is ignoring.


Re: anti-malware migration wakes computer

I wish u the best of luck, but ive tried several combinations of triggers to fix it. But it always resets back the the default task after a day or 2. Im not renewing my norton subscription cuz this is just another drop in the bucket of bull shit nd just another setting u cant change. Ive read about this problem occuring several years ago as well. So either they havent fixed it for several years. Or this isnt the first time its happend. Also I hear u can get the same protection from other virus protection sortware, for free

Re: anti-malware migration wakes computer

The idea of waking then resuspending the computer every 30 mins sounds painful. I expect if i let it do that all year, Ide be spending more money replacing parts, than ive spent on all the virus software ive got over the years combined. I love my pc and i dont want it stressin over this nonsense.

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