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Unable to delete olds backup sets on Online Backup Storage


I'm actually using Norton Security Premium and using the backup option since many years. There are files I would like to delete from the actual backup set of this actual computer and also delete old backup sets from old computer gone to garbage that are no longer protected in this actual license.

For deleting individuals files, it seems to work when going throught the Norton Backup Drive.

I read in another post that I would be supposed to see other olds backup sets in that Norton Backup Drive, but it is not the case, I only can browse the backup set of this actual computer.

I also tried to go throught the web interface to delete the old backup set of others olds computers as teached in a video in the help from Norton website, there I can see the others backups sets, but in the drop downmenu, there is no purge or delete options shown, I have only the option to download and to send files by mail...

Thanks for your help,



Thématiques: Backup, Online Backup