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Is Krack a danger to me?

Is Krack a danger only if you use public Wi-Fi? I never do.



Re: Is Krack a danger to me?

Who’s been affected?
Basically, it potentially affects everyone who is connected via Wi-Fi using WPA2 encryption.

According to the researcher, the attack is mostly targeting Android 6.0 or higher and Linux devices. Less affected, but still impacted by some variant of the attacks, are Apple’s iOS devices and Windows machines, OpenBSD, MediaTek, Linksys, IoT devices and others using WPA2 protocol.

The good news is that many companies reacted quickly and already released patches to address this issue. They also announced updated firmware and drivers for their products.

Here’s a complete and updated list with different Wi-Fi vendors, firmware and driver updates, and patch information. It is worth mentioning that this Wi-Fi vulnerability impacting the industry at a protocol level, is a serious and will require some effort to fix it.



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