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NOBU backup failure : Error : A4104

I bought the Norton Online Backup 25GB, but it is not working at all. Error message "A4103" every time. Please help me.



Re: NOBU backup failure : Error : A4104


That error means invalid data format. Basically one or more of the files being backed up has been detected as damaged in one shape or form. When does the error come up specifically?


Re: NOBU backup failure : Error : A4104

Now, I think I found a combination of settings, which is works without error. Although I don't understand exactly, what was the problem earlier.

I'll try to explain what settings I tried before, but it's not easy for me, because my English is poor.

I originally wanted to upload complete folders, without sorting (excluding) certain file types. Therefore, I deleted all rows in the "backup sources" block, and I unchecked all file types in the "file categories" window. Instead of this, I added entire folders and files to the "additional files and folders" block manually: for example "Desktop", "My documents" folders.
I found that the "Desktop" folder has been successfully saved, but I couldn't upload nothing else. (Error A4104). I re-installed NOB several times and tried again with different settings but couldn't solve the problem. The "scandisk" didn't found any problem on my HDD.

Now the NOB is working perfectly. Now I am applying the following settings: There are some folders in the "backup sources" list. All of these folders can found in the "C:\Users\[My Name]\", for example "My documents", "My pictures", "Desktop". I selected all file types except video and music files. I added further file extensions to the list (epub, prc, rar, zip). I added some certain files and folders to the "additional files and folders" list, because these files have a special extension, or have not any extension. You find attached a screenshot.

I'm worried about two things:
1. There may be some files, which are important to me, but these were not included in the backup.
2. I don't know, what was the problem in the first case. It took very much time to upload my files. If the error appear again, I lost my uploaded files and much time.

It would be useful if the program would provide a precise description of how the error occurred and which file can not be saved. The answer of Symantec experts like "That Means invalid data format error" is too simple and it may not always be true.

Khirer, Attila


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Re: NOBU backup failure : Error : A4104


Did you end up using the category selection or did you go by Add Folders / Add Files?

If you opted by category it will match all file types in that category under all accessible user profiles. The only way it'd miss content is if you have data in a non standard location or its a file type not covered. You can click on the category name to view the list of extensions it covers.

With that particular error its hard to say exactly what resolved it. Based on experience there was definitely a problem file. The changing of the file selection eliminated it from the backup set. I'd bet it was a file either on the desktop or the selection was inadvertently grabbing temporary files. We'd have to do a support session to dig into it in depth if the error surfaces again.

The error message is true. There was indeed a file having issues. I'll pass along the product suggestion. There are always product enhancements being made so I don't see any reason why this couldn't be added.

Accepted Solution

Re: NOBU backup failure : Error : A4104

Unfortunately I don't understand your first sentence, I couldn’t translate it. But the other part of your letter was very exciting and very useful for me. It tried to eliminate guilty files from the backup set, but it isn’t managed to me. I have deleted almost every files and folders from the backup set already, the error message didn’t disappeared. Finally I had to reinstall the software. 

For me, the most important lesson is that I have to prefer making backup by using file categories and file extensions to adding files and folders manually. So I can keep off the “guilty files” like temporary files created by windows. So I hope that the error will not appear again.

I have suggestions for development of NOB.

1. It would be useful if users would edit the file categories created by Symantec (add further extensions or delete them), what’s more create new file categories.

2. It would be useful if the software could reveal the files which cause errors in progress of backup.

3. It would be useful if the software could make a list of files which are not included in the "backup set" and not included any file categories. These files may be important for users, so they can modify the settings of NOB. (For example, I use encrypted container files created by an excellent software called “TrueCrypt”. They haven’t any extension, but these are very important for me, I would like to upload these too.

If this error message don't occur again, then I think we can close this topic, and thank you very much for your support.


Re: NOBU backup failure : Error : A4104

Hi AttilaKhirer

You're already doing what I was suggesting in my first sentence by adding the files and folders manually. Let me address your suggestions in order:

1. This is a nice idea but not likely to take place since you can already create custom rules. Those custom rules allow you to select files based on your own custom file extensions. You can view information on how to do so by clicking here.

2. Improving the error reporting is something already on the wish list of features. There are the advanced logs already that do provide some of this info. They just aren't directly linked in product like the other log.

3. This already exists. Click on a category name and it will display a list of all file extensions it covers. Encrypted containers are definitely not one of the items in any of the categories. This is where selecting by folder or file would serve your purpose.

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