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This forum thread needs a solution.
Kudos0 is red?

Man you guys need to just pull this version completely until its ready. Its really buggy. I initially got the update through live update when it first hit. Ran into the bugs posted in "hot issues" thread. Advised to run Norton removal tool and download the version again. Installing clean that way. I done so. I just rebooted my pc and NS is red? No explanation or any thing. Even click on "Get Support" and all is green. Windows 8.1 64 bit.


Decided to reboot AGAIN and now it is green. Obviously another bug some where that is happening in NS. At this point. I would seriously advise any and all users STAY on the previous version. Don't upgrade to this new one as its way to buggy. I know Windows 10 compatibility is most likely the culprit as well. Preparing for something that is not even final or hit RTM status.



Re: is red?

FGW - surely you have Fast Startup disabled in your Win 8.1??


Re: is red?

Yes it is disabled and not used.

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