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This forum thread needs a solution.

NS not apperas in the Notification Area Icons on Taskbar

Bonjour, since some time(maybe 1 month), the NS icon didn't not appears in the Notification Area Icon. I did a lot of try to solve this problem :

- I reinstalled the NS product 3 times

- I installed a new video driver

- i installed a malware software and scan my computer on safe boot mode

Sometime, NS appears in the Notification Area Icon but not often. I never know if it will be appears if i reboot my PC.  Also if i double-clic on the NS shortcut on my desktop, the application didn't start, nothing happens. It's strange because it seems that the process NS.EXE is always be there in the taskmgr. Am I protected anyway? I have Windows 10 number 14393. Sorry for my english. 




Re: NS not apperas in the Notification Area Icons on Taskbar

When you cannot see the Norton icon in the System tray, have you tried clicking on the  little up arrow by the system tray to see if the icon is just hidden?

Are you restarting your computer, or just shutting down and then starting again. If you use Windows 8/8.1 or 10, there can be an issue with the Fast Start feature.. See more information here.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: NS not apperas in the Notification Area Icons on Taskbar


When i clicking on the little up arrow by the system tray, the icon is hidden. It's exactly the problem. When i boot my desktop, sometimes the NS icon appears, sometimes not. Also, when the problem occurs, the NS shortcut on my desktop : "C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\uistub.exe" /win8 did not work. Nothing start, no GUI appears. After ~2 minutes an error 8504, 104 appears and Norton Autofix correct a problem.


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