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This forum thread needs a solution.

Site still not verified after a month :(

I submitted my site a month ago for verification.  On my profile, it shows that I am the verified owner of the site, but still shows a gray question mark for if my site is safe or not.  It says that the process should take around two weeks.

My site is www.the-laughing-whale.com.au

Can anybody help please?



Re: Site still not verified after a month :(

Hello LaughingWhale

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Tuesday night after midnight EST.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: Site still not verified after a month :(

Hi LaughingWhale

Your site 'the-laughing-whale.com.au' has been submitted for analysis and it is currently rated green in safeweb.norton.com.




Re: Site still not verified after a month :(

Thank you very much for your quick response and action - you’re awesome :)

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