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Update on ID Safe Login Nonsense Please

Referring to this closed thread

Matt from Norton said in February that Norton was aware of how unhappy many customers are about the number of times one must log in to the ID Safe.  Coming from LastPass, where I could determine my login parameters, I find Norton's ID safe to be a cumbersome interruption of my daily workflow.  I should be able to determine if a login is required at all on a private computer. 

Is this topic being addressed by Norton, or are the words in February typed to placate and put off the masses?  Why was it necessary to close that thread at all?  People were polite about their unhappiness.

Thank you.


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Re: Update on ID Safe Login Nonsense Please

Hello. I disagree with the "politeness" in the closed thread you linked to. Coming to the forums speaking down to those assisting will more than likely get the thread Ignored. The rudeness in links below would personally prevent me from intervening or assisting.

FWIW! Chrome WILL log you out each time you close it. Here is a Google article concerning the logging out, and doesn't mention Norton as the culprit, just the browser itself therefore its a Google issue Norton has to create their extensions on. Edge is the same with Microsoft. However, Chrome can be set to run in the background in your system tray. The settings are within Chrome itself. @MJP




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Re: Update on ID Safe Login Nonsense Please

@MJP  any additional information you can pass on re:   


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