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Waiting long time for a Safeweb rating


I submitted my site: https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=lyonsden.net for review back in December last year, obviously hoping to have it marked as safe for visitors. I also verified ownership of the site as instructed. I registered it using the same account that I'm using to post this message.

However I've had no communication at all since and the site hasn't been tested yet. I seem to recall it suggested it could take up to 3 weeks but I've been waiting 3 times longer than that now and I'm concerned that maybe I've done something wrong? I just don't want to blindly wait when something I've done or not done could be holding things up indefinitely.

Would appreciate any help on the matter.



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Re: Waiting long time for a Safeweb rating

Hello stylon

Sorry you had to wait so long. I will notify the Safe Web Team.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Wednesday night after midnight EST.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: Waiting long time for a Safeweb rating

Hi stylon

Your site 'lyonsden.net' has been submitted for analysis and it is currently rated green in safeweb.norton.com.



Re: Waiting long time for a Safeweb rating

Awesome, thank you, much appreciated!  

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