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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Backup is difficult, baffling, time wasting.

To ask my question first: Am I missing something that makes Norton Backup useful and user-friendly?

It's not intuitive. I thought I would get a folder tree, so I could mouse to the folders I want to backup. It lacks no-brainer useful features, such as the ability to expand he Window so I can see the entire file-paths in preview. And why are all the files listed with MP3 at the end when most are ODT's? The filters include Office Documents when all of my documents are OpenOffice. Thanks guys. Also, maybe it would be easier if I put all my important data my Documents folder, but I don't.

I also can't use the Rt Mouse + Shift (or Control) to highlight multiple items at a time. That's only a feature every app has, and it just saves me a lot of time and boredom. What happened? Didn't you want to pay the patent holder? Otherwise it looks incompetent. What I have to do now is study every item on the list, checking some and skipping others. This is made more difficult because I can't see the entire path!

I'm done with Norton Backup.




Re: Norton Backup is difficult, baffling, time wasting.

You can deselect all the default items to be backed up and then follow the information in this Norton Support article to manually choose what files you wish to back up.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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